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Bookkeeping Health Check

How to you know what you don't know?  This Health Check goes through bookkeeping and general business best practices to see how you measure up.


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Brainstorm your 'need to know' numbers

Need some help with figuring out what you and your business needs to know?  This worksheet walks you through what information you want to get at the end so you know what bookkeeping changes you need to make

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Enter Supplier Invoices Efficiently Guide

A step by step guide from the Decrease Wasted Time Course to show how to enter your supplier invoices using Item Codes set up correctly to automate your data entry and give you information to grow your business. 

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Finding Your Niche

Finding that area of your business that you enjoy doing and makes you money is the key to personal freedom.  This worksheet will go through finding which job types to keep and which to give away. 

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