Hello & Welcome!

Grab yourself  a cuppa and lets grow your trade business



 In the time it takes to drink your morning coffee every day for 3 weeks you can learn to profit from tweaking your habits using your accounting system.


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Hello & Welcome!

Grab yourself  a cuppa and lets grow your trade business

Feel in control of your Money

Not just filling out the books

Know Your Financial Position

Imagine knowing that you have enough money in the bank for all the bills for the month


Weather the Ups and Downs

Small business is a roller coaster ride, know when to save and know when you can spend


Forecast into the future

Plan the business' growth so business and personal goals are realised and your have a saleable business for the future


Want to get started on your financial confidence? 

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Get to know me!


Hi, I'm Kristy, and I've spent my entire working life running a family trade business that survived the GFC, a major local flood and COVID by knowing exactly how healthy the business was on a daily basis. Now I want to share what I've learnt so you can grow a solid trade business to serve you now and in the future


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Online Coaching Session

There's nothing like having a one on one chat with someone about your exact circumstances to ask specific questions instead of wasting time wading through information trying to find the answer.

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Short Courses

Don't have specific questions but know you need to make changes?  These are the courses for you!

In the time you have your cuppa every day you can learn something new and work on implementing it that day.

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On the Blog

Have a spare few minutes? Then head over to the blog to read about other ways I have made running a trade business as easy as possible over the last 20 years!

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Quick & Easy Courses Made for You

Step by Step Information

Quick & Simple to Implement

Delivered in Clear Worksheets & Short Video

Better Bookkeping Design - Item Codes


Upfront Payment

  • Short videos to fit in your busy day
  • Easy to fill out worksheets
  • Common sense advice
  • 12 month access (I know you get busy)
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Want more information on this course and future courses? Head over to the course page and learn more about how you can implement small changes in your daily routine to make more profit and increase the saleability of your business in the future.

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What Students Are Saying


"When my sparky husband asked me to do his books I was happy to help out, but I always had trouble with giving him financial information when he asked. With the Wealthy Minds Decreasing Wasted Time Course, I learned how to implement small changes to my day to day work, and now I have all the information at my fingertips and I feel confident we're building a business that will serve us well into the future"


"Your course was interactive and engaging. Thank you. "

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